Issue No. 266/267 (Oct/Nov 2012)

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COVER: Decolonising Our Universities

'Our universities are the purveyors of an imperialist worldview'
The fundamental challenge facing scholars and academics in the Third World are set out in stark terms.
By SM Mohamed Idris

Decolonising social sciences across the world
Greater and real democracy of social science knowledge in the global intellectual community is called for.
By Darryl Macer

A critique of Eurocentric social science
Itís time to change the present-day Eurocentric social science in non-European universities.
By Claude Alvares

A Eurocentric problem
'Eurocentrism' still dominates the international intellectual landscape.
By M Shahid Alam

The modern university challenged: Higher education between elitism and corporatism
With the rise of neoliberalism, the university is now becoming subservient to the market.
By Yusef Progler

Teaching social theory as alternative discourse
The critique of Orientalism in the social sciences has yet to be reflected in the teaching of basic and mainstream social science courses in most universities around the world.
By Syed Farid Alatas

History 'outside' the 'West'
'World history' remains firmly within the provenance of the Western scholar.
By Vinay Lal

Decolonising the law: Do we have a choice?
Unless we decolonise our minds, it is very difficult to decolonise our law, legal system and justice system.
By Shadrack Gutto

Is science 'Western'?
Why does the dubious claim that science is Hellenic in origin still enjoy so much credence in the universities of the Third World?
By CK Raju

Decolonisation insights from the Swaraj University experiment
Reflections on some innovations designed by a university in India to move away from the conventional colonial curriculum.
By Manish Jain

An Afrocentric South African university
How about an Afrocentric university where human knowledge is presented from the standpoint of the African people?
By Molefi Kete Asante

'Academic imperialism is self-perpetuating'
How to ensure perpetual inferiority of the non-Western world and make the technology gap permanent.
By CK Raju


World Energy Outlook 2012: The good, the bad and the really, truly ugly
Dire ecological consequences to the planet will follow in the wake of increased fossil fuel consumption.
By Michael T Klare


Asian countries act to get cheap drugs
Many Asian countries are taking action to promote cheaper medicines through compulsory licensing.
By Martin Khor

Will there finally be a cure for diseases that affect the poor?
In order to promote the development of the medicines needed to address diseases prevalent in developing countries, it is necessary to change the current research model.
By Carlos M Correa


The damaging effects of investment agreements
The damaging effects of bilateral investment treaties and the investment chapters of North-South free trade agreements were highlighted at a recent World Trade Organisation Public Forum discussion.
By Meena Raman


Gaza and the Palestinian hunting season
Israel's latest bloody assault on Gaza has followed a familiar pattern.
By Ralph Nader


New era augurs more of the same for impoverished Maya people
For the marginalised and poverty-stricken Maya Indians of Mexico and Central America, there is little cause for celebration of the end of the current era marked by 21 December 2012.
By Danilo Valladares


The persistent battle against rampant sexual harassment in Egypt
There may have been a regime change in Egypt, but the scourge of sexual harassment is as rampant as ever.
By Alessandra Bajec


Mutations of imperialism
The Peruvian Amazon Company that caused deaths and destruction around 100 years ago was British-based, so Britain owes indigenous communities an apology.

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