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6 April 2012
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We are pleased to share with you the latest issue of South Bulletin (5 April 2012) that focuses on the dangers of Economic Partnership Agreements and Alternatives for Africa and other recent trade developments. The list of articles are as follows:

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South Bulletin

5 April 2012

Published by the South Centre

South Bulletin (Issue 60): South Centre Chair Speaks on Dangers of the EPAs and Alternatives for Africa

This issue of South Bulletin highlights a keynote speech made by the Chairperson of the South Centre, H.E. Mr. Benjamin W. Mkapa, former President of Tanzania, in which he made a critical analysis of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) that the African countries are negotiating with the European Union, and the alternatives for the East African Community and for African countries.

This speech was made at the East African Legislative Assembly in February, and it was well publicised in the African continent. It also symbolises an increase in the critical voices of African statesmen, intellectuals and officials on the damage that the current model of EPAs being proposed would cause to African economies and society.

The South Bulletin also carries several articles on the controversy over the move by the European Union to impose a carbon levy on foreign airlines entering European air space. Many developing countries fear that this is a first step in a series of trade-protectionist measures that the EU may impose on grounds of climate change and the environment.

The Bulletin also publishes the introduction of a new South Centre book on the global financial and economic crisis and its effects on developing countries. This article summarises various important aspects of the crisis, the policies that developing countries can take, the implications for China and other developing countries, the effects of unregulated capital flows, and the reform of the international financial system.

Other articles in this Bulletin are on whether the Indian drug industry can continue to supply affordable medicines to the developing world, on climate change and human rights, and on an emerging era without modern medicines due to the spread of antibiotic resistance.

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Martin Khor
Executive Director
South Centre