Published by the Third World Network, this fortnightly magazine reports on economic and development issues that are of special interest to the Third World. Edited by an experienced team of Third World journalists and researchers, the magazine reflects viewpoints representing the interests of the people in the South. Drawing on UN, official as well as non-governmental organization resources, Third World Economics provides fresh alternative analysis of current events and long-term trends. Filling in a void long felt by officials and NGOs alike in the Third World.

Issue No. 651/652 (16 Oct - 15 Nov 2017)

Uncertainty, controversy surround lead-up to MC11


Issue No. 650 (1-15 Oct 2017)
Continuing divisions mark countdown to MC11

Issue No. 649 (16-30 Sept 2017)
WTO members still far apart on Ministerial outcome

Issue No. 648 (1-15 Sept 2017)
Still no consensus on WTO Ministerial outcome

Issue No. 647 (16-31 Aug 2017)
CSOs seek change of course in lead-up to WTO meet

Issue No. 646 (1-15 Aug 2017)
UNCTAD pushes for "global new deal"

Issue No. 645 (16-31 Jul 2017)
WTO outcomes on agri subsidies, food stocks up in the air

Issue No. 644 (1-15 Jul 2017)
Trade wars on the horizon?

Issue No. 643 (16-30 Jun 2017)
Threat of financial crisis looms

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