Issue No. 296/297 (Apr/May 2015)

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COVER: Universal health coverage and the right to health

Universal health coverage: The rhetoric and the substance
Universal health coverage (UHC) is held out as the solution to the pressing problem of providing healthcare in developing countries. But what does UHC really imply?
By Amit Sengupta

The seven sins and seven virtues of universal health coverage
To avoid unintended effects, universal health coverage should avoid committing seven sins and should try to practise seven virtues.
By Adriano Cattaneo, Giorgio Tamburlini, Angelo Stefanini, Eduardo Missoni, Gavino Maciocco, Gianni Tognoni, Carlo Resti, Claudio Beltramello, Chiara Bodini and Nicoletta Dentico

The universal health coverage campaign and the medicalisation of global health
By focusing almost exclusively on individual access to medical care as the solution, UHC ignores the social determinants of health and the need for political action to realise it.
By Jocalyn Clark

The trap underlying 'universal health coverage': The struggle to realise the right to health in Latin America
Behind the proposal of UHC lies a hidden agenda related to the commodification of healthcare through the participation of insurance companies and large private healthcare providers who profit from public funds allocated for health.
By Rafael Gonzalez Guzman and Nashielly Cortes Hernandez

China: A question of equity
China’s transition from a planned economy to a market economy has resulted in public access to healthcare becoming more inequitable. The Chinese authorities are grappling with this problem.
By Heather Mullins-Owens

The state and healthcare in Malaysia: Provider, regulator, investor
The multiple and conflicting roles of the state coupled with moves to corporatise the public healthcare sector and a proposal for a national health insurance scheme threaten to hasten the emergence of a full-fledged two-tier health system in Malaysia.
By Chan Chee Khoon

The health crisis in Europe
The following article describes the myriad pathways through which public services in healthcare are being undermined across Europe. 


The end of an illusion: biodiversity conservation through bilateral bioprospecting
There are worthwhile lessons for other countries to be learnt from Costa Rica's ill-advised decision to permit a private non-profit institute to manage Latin America's second largest natural history collection.
By Edward Hammond


UN rights expert denounces secret talks on trade treaties
As protests mount against free trade and investment treaties, particularly those which are being negotiated in secret, a United Nations rights expert has called for a human rights impact assessment to be urgently undertaken.
By Kanaga Raja


Leaders commemorate 60th anniversary of Bandung conference
A report on the 60th anniversary commemoration of the Bandung Conference.
By Martin Khor

Bandung in Latin America: The hope for another world
An astonishing transformation has taken place in Latin America since the 1955 Bandung Conference, which has made it possible for it to make common cause with Afro-Asia.
By Roberto Bissio

Saudi Arabia's attack on Yemen: Conquest or quagmire?
In addition to causing a humanitarian disaster, Saudi Arabia's aerial bombardment of Yemen threatens to destabilise the country and provoke a sectarian conflict.
By Rannie Amiri

The media misses the point on 'proxy war'
Yemen is a Saudi war of aggression, while Syria and Libya are the result of a dangerous Gulf-led strategy of backing groups of sectarian fighters.
By Gareth Porter

The secret country again wages war on its own people
Despite warnings from Aboriginal leaders about 'a new generation of displaced people' and 'cultural genocide', Australia's ruling elite has intensified its assault on the rights of the country's Indigenous people. 
By John Pilger

The biggest lessons Nepal will take away from this tragedy
There is a need for Nepal to build a stronger national preparedness policy and mechanism to better cope with future catastrophes.
By Amantha Perera


Delayed truth, no justice
While Brazil's National Truth Commission does spell out the human rights violations that were committed between 1964 and 1985 and name names, its recommendations seem arbitrary and incomplete.
By Kai Ambos and Eneas Romero


From slavery to self-reliance
The struggle of Dalits - formerly known as 'untouchables' under India's caste system - for human dignity is still a tough one, but the lot of women from the community is even more wretched.
By Stella Paul


Ars poetica
This Peruvian poet (1942-1963) was one of the most promising poets of his generation, but his uncompromising political commitments led to his untimely death.
By Javier Heraud

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