Issue No. 261 (May 2012)

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COVER: Euro turmoil threatens to sink world economy

Europe and the global crisis
Triggered by the eurozone crisis, another global recession seems even more likely with the bleak outlook of the other major economies.
By Jayati Ghosh

Are central banks preparing for a global banking crisis?
Recent moves by central banks all over the world to inject liquidity into their banks reflect a growing fear of an impending global banking crisis.
By Jack Rasmus

A rotten apple or an infected garden?
The manipulation of the London interbank lending rate (Libor) was a systemic fraud involving an international cartel of banks.
By Roberto Bissio

Elites lose the 'mandate of heaven'
The failure of the G20 leaders to agree on an alternative to the current suicidal economic course is one more indication that the ruling elites are not able to hold the system together.
By Gerald Epstein

More austerity won't solve European crisis
A new UN report has warned that the fiscal austerity policies pursued by the EU are fuelling a global economic downturn.
By Carlota Cortes

EU summit: Some good progress, but any game changers?
The measures taken by EU leaders at their 19th summit may not be sufficient to quell the financial storm.
By Megan Greene

Euro summit: 'Not as long as I live'?
While the euro area summit of 28-29 June witnessed a shift away from the deficit-cutting austerity policies strongly advocated by Germany's Angela Merkel, financial stability is far from assured.
By Michael Roberts

Europe dithering on Tobin tax
Only 10 of the 27 European Union member states have so far agreed to a European Commission proposal for a financial transaction tax to stem volatility in the financial markets.
By Julio Godoy

The state of the world economy
Developing countries must strive to strengthen their fundamentals and reduce their dependence on foreign markets, capital and commodities if they are to weather the coming storm in the world economy.
By Yilmaz Akyuz

Euro crisis impacts China and beyond
The turmoil in Europe is intensifying the deceleration of the economies of China and emerging markets.
By Chee Yoke Heong

Breaking vicious circle of instability and crises
Only by pursuing policies which promote a more balanced, inclusive and stable pattern of growth can the vicious circle of financial instability and crises be broken.
By Kanaga Raja


Explosive matter
The people immediately affected by the resource extraction policy of the Bolivian President frequently belong to indigenous communities from whose land natural gas is to be extracted.
By Almut Schilling-Vacaflor, Annegret Mahler and Gabriele Neusser


The unresolved question of Egypt’s economy
In the recently concluded Egyptian presidential elections, both candidates were united by their advocacy of the free-market economy, the guiding model for the discredited Mubarak regime.
By Ramzy Baroud


TB: Miners hardest hit
Mineworkers in South Africa are believed to be the population worst affected by tuberculosis in the world.
By Wilma Stassen


The right path for Washington in Syria
Before getting further militarily embroiled in Syria, the question Washington should consider is: will adding fuel to the violence make matters worse?
By Saul Landau

Mali: Political stalemate overshadows massive food crisis
As world attention is riveted on the takeover of northern Mali by militant radical groups, it is easy to forget that some 1.3 million people in the region are facing a serious food crisis.
By Celeste Hicks


Israel's anti-migrant violence fuelled by racial and economic segregation
African migrants to Israel have become the latest victims of racist paranoia in a nation built by refugees of war and genocide.
By Michelle Chen


South Africa's 'Traditional Courts Bill' impairs rights of 12 million rural women
The South African parliament has decided to adjourn the passage of the Traditional Courts Bill after strong protests from women's groups.
By Sabine Clappaert


The Syrian cauldron
The destabilisation of Syria is bringing the region close to a war with potentially catastrophic global repercussions.
By Jeremy Salt


Why Africa stays poor
By Peter Gillespie
Africa's Odious Debts: How Foreign Loans and Capital Flight Bled a Continent
by Leonce Ndikumana and James K Boyce

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