Issue No. 260 (Apr 2012)

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COVER: The battle over UNCTAD: Developing countries stave off threat to UN agency's mandate

South wins battle for new UNCTAD mandate
Developing countries have won a battle to give UNCTAD a renewed and broad mandate for its future work, including on the global economic crisis.
By Martin Khor

UNCTAD: The South stands up to the North
The battle over UNCTAD's mandate revealed a fundamental difference between South and North on state policy and development.
By Vijay Prashad

Victory at UNCTAD XIII - a civil society perspective
Why civil society organisations mobilised so furiously to prevent the whittling down of UNCTAD's mandate.
By Deborah James

Doha outcome document lays out areas of future work
An analysis of the final document that was adopted at the conclusion of UNCTAD XIII in Doha.

Outcome an important success, says UNCTAD Secretary-General
The determination and perseverance displayed by UNCTAD XIII participants in their engagement were a reflection of the belief that a truly important issue was at stake.

Doha outcome a very significant achievement, says G77
The G77ís goal of promoting the collective economic interests of the South is inextricably bound up with a strong mandate for UNCTAD.

G77/China calls for reaffirmation of Accra Accord
In resisting the moves by the North to weaken UNCTAD, the G77 and China charged the industrialised countries with desiring to see the 'dawn of a new neo-colonialism'.
By Kanaga Raja

Civil society says 'no' to moves to weaken UNCTAD's mandate
Civil society organisations added their voice to the opposition against the attempts to curtail UNCTAD's work.

Former UNCTAD officials warn against moves to silence organisation's voice
Some 50 former officials of UNCTAD expressed their concern over the moves to stifle the organisation.
By Kanaga Raja


A life in extremis
Geologist-explorer documents China's rivers

A geologist-explorer gives his personal narrative about the intersection between his life's work and love of rivers.
By Yang Yong


Rating lords
Criticism of rating agencies has become more pronounced in the course of the global financial crisis and the current euro crisis.
By Karl-Heinz Bachstadt, Markus Henn and Franziska Richter

Spare a thought for the 'homeless rich'
From Manhattan to Monaco, the world's wealthiest people are disconnecting into a class of stateless transients.
By Sam Pizzigati


And why not George Bush?
Why is it that Western leaders like George W Bush who have committed crimes against humanity have gone scot-free?
By T Rajamoorthy

Threat of war hovers over the two Sudans
So long as the root causes of the conflict between north and south Sudanl remain, the prospect of renewed war still looms.
By Amanda Ufheil-Somers

Deadly destruction: The controversy over drone warfare
A new book on drones reignites the controversy over this new type of warfare.
By Johanna Treblin


Historic hunger strikes: Lightning in the skies of Palestine
An attempt to capture 'a Gandhian moment in the Palestinian struggle'.
By Richard Falk


In Brazil, women take the lead in organic urban farming
Women in Brazil's shantytowns are pioneering organic urban farming and acquiring a measure of economic independence.
By Fabianna Frayssinet

'War on drugs' leaves Latin American women's lives in ruins
The war on drugs in Latin America is exacerbating the femicide in the region, say women's groups and activists.
By Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente


Pompous prevaricators of power
For over 200 years, corporations and vested interests have resisted every move by the American people for better and fairer lives by employing a familiar litany of lies.
By Ralph Nader

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