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29 September 2010
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27 September 2010

Published by the South Centre

SOUTH BULLETIN: 27 September 2010 (Issue 50)

The Global Crisis of Water Shortage

This issue of South Bulletin focuses on the growing shortage of water which has emerged as one of the major crises of our times.  A third of the world's people face water scarcity and by 2025 two-thirds of people may suffer water stress.  This crisis should be at the top of the global agenda.

Other articles and documents are on:

WATER IS NOW A HUMAN RIGHT.  The UN General Assembly has recognised access to water and sanitation as a human right.  We write about this, reproduce the historic UN resolution, and publish the speech that introduced the Resolution.

PAKISTAN FLOODS CONFIRM THE CLIMATE CRISIS.   The floods in Pakistan is the most devastating natural disaster.  A a significant cause was climate change, according to a senior UN scientist. 

HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS NEEDED ANNUALLY IN CLIMATE FINANCE.   The Pakistan floods (losses: $43 billion) illustrate why developing countries need hundreds of billions of dollars annually for financing climate actions.  This article gives estimates of the cost of mitigation, adaptation and technology transfer.

SCHIZOPHRENIA ON WHAT "AMBITION" MEANS IS BLOCKING THE WTO DOHA ROUND.  The final speech by the outgoing Indian Ambassador to the WTO analyses why the Doha Round is in its current impasse.

LESSONS FROM THE FINANCIAL CRISIS FOR THE WTO'S FINANCIAL SERVICES DISCUSSIONS:   A proposal by China to systematically discuss the financial crisis, financial services and development issues;  and speeches by China and India on the lessons of the global financial crisis for finance policy and for the WTO.

We hope this issue of South Bulletin is useful to you and we look forward to your comments and feedback.

With best wishes

Martin Khor
Executive Director, South Centre and
Editor, South Bulletin

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·         The Global Water Crisis Should Be A Top Priority Issue

·         UN Recognises Water As A Human Right

·         “One Child Dies Every 3 Seconds....Now Is the Time”

·         Devastating Pakistan Floods Confirm Climate Crisis

·         Pakistan Floods Highlight Need For Climate Funds To Help Developing Countries

·         New Evidence of the Climate in Crisis

·         Schizophrenia on “Ambition” Causing WTO Impasse

·         China Proposes WTO Discussion on Financial Services and Development

·         Re-think and Reform Financial Liberalization to Prevent Future Crises

·         Facts on Global Water Scarcity

·         Concerns on Bank Bailouts And Foreign Banks’ Role in Crisis

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