TWN Info Service on Finance and Development (July09/01)
15 July 2009
Third World Network

South Centre reports on the UN conference on global economic crisis and its significance

Dear friends and colleagues  

The UN Conference on the Global Financial and Economic Crisis (June 24-26 June) was a very significant event, especially since there will be a follow-up mechanism, in a working group tobe set up under the UN General Assembly.  

The South Centre has published a special issue of its South Bulletin (dated 7 July 2009) containing several articles and documents on the Conference.  It includes extracts of the G77 and China proposals made during the conference process, as well as articles analysing the conference outcome, and a report of the final session.  

I hope you will find the time to read the Bulletin, and any comments are most welcome. 

Best regards
Martin Khor
South Centre 

You can find this issue of South Bulletin at this website page:   

Or go to the South Centre homepage:

 Articles in the South Bulletin Issue 38 (July 7 2009):


 Editorial: The Significance of the UN Conference on the Financial Crisis



 Remarks on the Outcome Document of the United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development
By Yilmaz AkyŁz



 Follow Up to Conference: UN Sets Big Agenda for Economic Crisis Action
 By Martin Khor



 The UNís Role Is Established, Now the Focus Is on the Follow Up



 Southís Leaders Stress the UNís Leading Role In Economic Affairs
 By Bhumika Muchhala



 Six Key Issues in the UN Conference on Economic Crisis
 By Martin Khor



 South Centre's Press Conference at the UN



 UNCTAD and South Centre Call for Avoiding New Debt Crisis



 Some Key G77 and China Proposals in the UN Conference on Financial Crisis