TWN Info Service on Climate Change (Feb08/01)

14 February 2008

Please see below an article on the venue and dates of the first meeting of the ad hoc working group on long-term cooperative action of the UNFCCC.

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Martin Khor

UN: Key climate working group to meet in Bangkok 31 March-4 April
Published in SUNS #6413 dated 13 February 2008

New York, 12 Feb (Martin Khor) -- The first meeting of the new ad hoc working group on long-term cooperative action (AWGLCA), set up under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), will be held in Bangkok on 31 March to 4 April.

The working group had been established at the UNFCCC conference of parties in Bali in December 2007 as the vehicle to carry out the "Bali Action Plan".

A Decision adopted on the Bali Action Plan at Bali launched "a comprehensive process to enable the full, effective and sustained implementation of the Convention through long-term cooperative action, now, up to and beyond 2012, in order to reach an agreed outcome and adopt a decision at its fifteenth session of the COP at Bali, which had launched a process."

A notification dated 11 February at the UNFCCC website made by its executive secretary Yvo de Boer said that the first session of the AWGLCA would be held at the premises of ESCAP (the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific).

On the same dates, the fifth session of the ad hoc working group on the further commitments of Annex I parties under the Kyoto Protocol will also be held, said the announcement.

This working group has been negotiating the emission reduction commitments of the developed countries in Annex I of the UNFCCC for a second period, after the expiry of the first commitment period, which ends in 2008.

The notification also added that as indicated by its Chairman, the G77 and China will meet on 30 March at 10.00 a. m. at the same venue.

The announcement ends weeks of speculation by governments and NGOs as to when and where the inaugural meeting of the AWGLCA will be held.

At the closing plenary of the Bali conference, Pakistan, representing the G77 and China, had requested that the meetings of the working group be held in either New York or Geneva, because the G77 members have Missions in these two UN capitals that could enable a stronger representation of the developing countries in the meetings, which are considered crucial for developing the terms of the framework of action on climate change of the future.

According to the decision in Bali, the AWGLCA will meet four times this year - the first session in March/April, the second in June 2008, the third in August/September, and the fourth in December. +