4. Positions of some developing countries

Africa takes a few gingerly steps, but traps ahead (T.H/TWN-Africa)(29 Sep 99)

Moore campaigns for the new WTO round in Africa (T. H/TWN-Africa)(29 Sep 99)

LMG elements paper for draft declaration (C.Raghavan/SUNS)(20 Sep 99)

G77 Ministers 'message' to Seattle WTO meet (M Khor/TWN)
This article examines the parts of the G77 Ministerial Declaration that covers the WTO issues, which is to be sent as a message of the G77 to the Seattle Ministerial Conference.(16 Sep 99)

G77 Ministerial ends with wide-ranging declaration (M Khor/TWN)
The Marrakech Declaration adopted at the G77 Ministerial covers a broad range of development-related issues in the context of the "complex relationship between globalization and development" and inherent structural imbalances in the international systems governing development, trade and finance.This article examines the parts of the Declaration which cover such areas as finance, debt, commodities and investment.(16 Sep 99)

G77: Next WTO Round must correct imbalances against South (M K)(16 Sep 99)

G77 assails globalization and orthodox policies (M Khor)
The process of globalization came in for critical scrutiny at a plenary session of the G77 Ministerial as many speeches pointed to how many anticipated benefits of integration into the world economy have not materialized. Instead, trade liberalization has not taken place in the context of a level playing field while financial integration has in recent times wrought debilitating crises on developing economies.(15 Sep 99)

G77: I won't dissuade North against new issues, says Moore (Martin Khor/TWN)(14 Sep 99)

G77: "Review, Repair and Reform" WTO, says G77 chair (Martin Khor/TWN)
Speaking at the opening panel session of the Group's Ninth Ministerial Conference in Marrakech, the Chairman of the G77 called for "Review, Repair and Reform" of the WTO to redress existing imbalances. (14 Sep 99)

Developing world should submit clear proposals for next Round (C.Raghavan/SUNS)(29 Apr 99)