G77's South Summit, Havana, Cuba, 10-14 April 2000

Political leaders of the Third World at the first ever South Summit of the Group of 77 have set up a South Coordination Commission to oversee the Summit's follow-up, including implementation of a Programme of Action, and better South-South coordination in negotiations with the North.

The Havana Summit on 10-14 April was marked by speeches and private meetings of the leaders that stressed the ill effects of globalisation, the need to resolve the debt problem and establish a fairer trading system, and the right of the South to participate equitably in global decision-making.


  • Havana POA on cooperation, institutional follow-up (Martin Khor/TWN)
    The Programme of Action (POA) of the Havana G77 Summit also seeks to foster increased cooperation among the countries of the South and for follow-up, including an institutional follow-up. This is the second part of a two-part article. (15 Apr 00)

  • Reform WTO and financial architecture, says Action Plan (Martin Khor/TWN)
    The Havana Programme of Action, adopted by the South Summit here on April 14, has set out the positions and proposals for future action in five major areas: globalisation, knowledge and technology, South-South cooperation, North-South relations and institutional follow-up. This is the first part of a two-part article. (15 Apr 00)

  • Redress imbalances in WTO agreements (Martin Khor/TWN)
    Political leaders of the Group of 77 developing countries meeting here at the first ever South Summit have underlined the urgent need to redress the imbalances in the present WTO Agreements, in a final Declaration adopted at the end of the meeting. The leaders also adopted a Plan of Action outlining details of various measures to be taken. (16 Apr 00)

  • A defining moment in G77 history (Martin Khor/TWN)
    The first ever summit of the Group of 77 ended here on a note of confidence and determination from the leaders to work together to bring about a new world order based on equity and fairness. The Summit adopted a declaration and plan of action, three resolutions on follow-up and the establishment of a South Coordination Commission, and concluded with closing statements from various heads of government. (15 Apr 00)

  • Coordinating Commission set up (Martin Khor/TWN)
    Heads of state and government of the developing countries have decided to establish a South Coordinating Commission comprising representatives from among themselves. The decision was taken at an eventful closing session of the South Summit of the Group of 77 held here late on 14 April night. (15 Apr 00)

  • Let the South in on globalisation, says Mahathir (Martin Khor/TWN)
    It would be a mistake to exclude the weak and poor from formulating globalisation as they have a great deal of experience on the good and bad aspects, said the Malaysian Prime Minister at the South Summit of the G77 here. "Our experience can help shape a globalisation that benefits all. So let us in," said Dr Mahathir Mohamad. (13 Apr 00)

  • Trading system in serious crisis, says G77 chair (Martin Khor/TWN)
    The world trading system is in crisis and the South should put forward fresh approaches to equitably manage global trade relations. This was stated by Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo in his capacity as chairman of the Group of 77 in his opening speech at the South Summit of the G77. (12 Apr 00)

  • G77 ministers hit globalisation (Martin Khor/TWN)
    Foreign Ministers of several developing countries spoke up against the negative effects of globalisation, the domination of the United Nations by a few developed countries, and the dangerous trend of military intervention by powerful nations in the name of humanitarian assistance. These themes dominated a meeting of Foreign Ministers at the second day of the South Summit of the Group of 77. (11 Apr 00)

  • First ever G77 Summit gets under way (Martin Khor/TWN)
    The South Summit of the Group of 77 began here with a meeting of senior officials to prepare the documents that are expected to be approved by the heads of government and state later this week. (11 Apr 00)