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Goals for the Rich: Indispensible for a Universal Post-2015 Agenda

A Geopolitical Analysis of Financing for Development (FfD3)
by Regions Refocus 2015, TWN and DAWN

CAMPAIGN: Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM) Launched

News Update
Geneva Climate Change Talks (08-13 February 2015)



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Issue No. 293/294 (Jan/Feb 2015)

COVER: The global economy: Turbulence ahead?

Articles include:

  • Uncertain times ahead for the global economy
  • Currency wars on the horizon
  • South increasingly vulnerable in unstable global financial system
  • Bracing for another storm in emerging markets
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Issue No. 586 (1-15 Feb 2015)

WTO members to accord preferences to LDC services

Articles include:

  • High-level meeting on operationalizing LDC services waiver
  • The US 2014 Farm Bill and developing-country cotton producers
  • Post-2015 and FfD3: Debates begin, political lines emerge
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Last updated on 27 March 2015

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